One of the main reasons we like doing franchise law is the variety of legal issues it involves. To be an effective franchise lawyer, you have to know a little bit about a lot of things. To be a great franchise law firm, you have to have a team with expertise in several areas of the law.

Clients often bring us projects that defy the neatly drawn “practice areas” that many law firms define for themselves. When they do, we love the challenge of integrating and applying legal knowledge from different areas to tackle the projects. The multi-disciplinary nature of the work keeps us alert and creative. And the variety of legal issues, mixed with the array of businesses, in diverse industries and at all different stages of development, means that the work never gets stale for us.

This diversity shows up in the list of our Legal Services to the right. If you have a branded network or a brand that you’d like to expand into a network, we offer most of the legal services you’ll need – and if you need a service that we don’t offer, we’ll help you find it. For more information, click on the specific services or visit the Plave Koch Library, where you’ll find past articles and presentations relating to each service.

If your prior experience as a client has you thinking that “Legal Services” is an oxymoron, we’re out to change your perspective. We understand that we’re in the service business first – see “About the Firm” for more information. We hope you’ll find a match with your needs and give us a call.