Domain Names, Internet & Technology

We strategize with clients on technology programs and e-business solutions in all forms (business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and business-to-government). We frequently deal with implementing technology in franchise systems and distribution networks.

Our services include:

Domain Names. We help clients select, register and renew domain names and apply techniques to head off disputes. We regularly prosecute actions at the World Intellectual Property Organization to recover hijacked domain names that copy or mimic our clients’ trademarks. We advise on how to challenge or respond to consumer complaint blogs and websites that disparage client brands.

Websites, Social Media and E-commerce. We help with website development transactions, hosting arrangements, and website terms of use. For clients that manage networks of franchisees, licensees or distributors, we construct brand protection policies to govern use of websites, intranets and extranets, and social networking channels. We monitor developments on “clickwrap” agreements and other forms of electronic contracting.  

Technology Sourcing and Licensing. We help clients license CAD, CRM and other software from vendors on either an in-house or web-hosted basis. We assist clients who own proprietary software to license it to others, particularly within franchise networks. We review outsourcing arrangements that involve data transfer to and from service providers.

Privacy and Data Security.  We assess risk at the intersection of privacy and franchising, with a special focus on potential franchisor liability for franchisees’ data breaches.  We brainstorm with clients on policies to help protect the franchise system from brand-damaging events.