• FRI 8/8

    Worry But Don’t Hyperventilate (Yet): What the “NLRB Action” Means for Franchisors + Action Items

    There have been many reports that the National Labor Relations Board (known as the NLRB in Washingtonian alphabet-speak) has issued an order, published a decision, or otherwise reached a final conclusion in a case involving the McDonald's franchise system. While those reports are premature – the issue raised is serious and deserves careful attention by franchisors, licensors, manufacturers, and others. Read More

  • THUR-FRI 10/16-17

    ABA Forum on Franchising

    Leslie and Lee will be speakers at the American Bar Association's 37th Annual Forum on Franchising in Seattle. Leslie's workshop is entitled "The Art and Science of FDD Drafting," while Lee's topic is "Unique and Often Overlooked Issues and Limitations on Doing Business in International Franchising."

  • TUES 10/21

    2014 International Bar Association Convention – Tokyo

    Dave will be a panelist for a workshop entitled "A Marriage Made in Heaven? Private Equity and International Franchising" at the IBA annual convention in Tokyo.