Vehicle Rental Law

In April 2016, Leslie Pujo brought her practice of vehicle rental law to Plave Koch PLC, where together we proudly carry on the tradition of her previous firm, LaPlaca Pujo, P.C., and its late founder, Michael LaPlaca. The LaPlaca firm provided legal services to hundreds of vehicle rental firms over the course of nearly 40 years. We honor that distinguished history by continuing to serve clients large and small that rent cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs and by maintaining the Federal and StateGuide© to Vehicle Rental Law.

Our services include:

Establishing a Rental Business.  We help clients navigate the legal and regulatory requirements in establishing vehicle rental businesses or expanding existing operations into new locations or new business models.

Preparing Rental Agreements.  We prepare rental agreements to comply with motor vehicle rental laws, but in a way that presents the rental company in both a professional and user-friendly manner.

Complying with Vehicle Rental Laws.  We assist clients in developing operational policies that comply with vehicle rental laws affecting their operations, including federal safety recall requirements, ADA requirements, sale of collision damage waiver and supplemental liability insurance, rate advertising requirements, membership programs, and damage recovery practices.

Understanding the Graves Amendment.  We work with clients to understand the scope of the Graves Amendment and how this federal law can protect vehicle rental companies from unlimited state vicarious liability laws based solely on ownership of the vehicle.

Carsharing and Other Mobility Services.  We assist start-ups and existing clients who wish to establish carsharing services or other mobility services that take advantage of innovations in technology.