Fri – Fri 6/8- 6/8

International Distribution Institute (IDI) Conference

Dave Koch will be speaking at the 2018 International Distribution Institute (IDI) Annual Conference in Florence, Italy on June 8th!

In recent times suppliers show a growing interest in influencing the way multi-brand retailers sell and advertise their products. This can be done: (a) by establishing a long-term relationship, mainly through selective distribution contracts, corner franchising or similar agreements, (b) by simply requiring retailers, through general conditions included in individual sales contracts, or by policies established unilaterally by the supplier (e.g. MAAP Policies) to follow certain criteria when reselling the goods.

Compliance with antitrust rules play an essential role in this field, especially in the EU (selective distribution), while the US approach appears to be more flexible. During the panel, “Establishing a relationship with multi-brand retailers: the main strategic issues”, Dave will discuss the pros and cons of the different strategies in Europe and in the US.

Fabio Bortolotti, of Buffa Bortolotti & Mathis, Torino (IDI country expert for Italy) will chair this panel.